Reconciling the Fall of Adam and Evolution
One of the serious conflicts between science and religion involves the scientific theory of evolution and the religious belief in the Fall of Adam. According to the doctrine of the Fall of Adam, the world was created as an immortal world, and Adam and Eve were created as complex forms of life and were placed in the Garden of Eden. The world was changed or fell to a mortal state due to a decision made by Adam and Eve while they were in the Garden. In contrast, the theory of evolution teaches that life was created as simple organisms, and those organisms slowly mutated and evolved into the complex plant and animal life that we have today. This conflict between science and religion is at the heart of both Christianity and science. With no Fall of Adam, there is no need for an atonement. With no atonement, there is no need for Jesus Christ as the Savior and Redeemer. With no Savior, there is no need for Christianity. From the scientific viewpoint, with no evolution, one of the pillars of modern science is missing. In this essay, I am presenting a scheme in which the Fall of Adam and evolution could exist together.

Because of the controversial nature of this chapter, I have made it available as an essay. Click here to download the essay.


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